Our story

Looking for the original and best high-protein cotton candy on the planet? You’ve found us!

Ricoira Evolution

Ricoira is a confectionery manufacturing company based in Pune. As FMCG Company we are committed to bring old world class confectioneries to the mass on retail shelf with a new twist and efficient quality. Recently, we have launched our flagship product “Fairies’ floss TM”, which is a premium cotton candy with a variety of flavours.

We stand out among other cotton candy manufacturers when it comes to quality, product innovation and the uniqueness of the product which is; it melts on the tongue instantly once consumed. This exceptional quality is achieved through imported machinery, precise sugar selection, and in-depth research on product by our very own Ricoira Labs.


To offer products that are chosen carefully with quality as a (was missing) priority along with modern hygienic practices. We hope to bring back memories with little twist and a lot of nostalgia.


To delight and inspire our customers by exploring new ways of doing things and innovate at every step. We aim to deliver quality products efficiently and consistently.


We are strongly rooted to quality, safety, efficiency and innovation.



We have gathered the best team

Ashish Nimje


Ashish, an IIM Ranchi graduate from the batch of 2015, is the founder Director of Ricoira. In his role, Ashish is responsible for Business development, Marketing, Product Improvement and overall strategy for Ricoira. In his first year of management course Ashish came up with his own business plan working on different F&B products. This was the genesis of Ricoira coupled with the entrepreneurial streak he always had. The first project on cotton candy was thus born. Ashish has a vision for Ricoira, as Premium Product Company, offering old and classic confections with exceptional quality and new age look. A marketing enthusiast, Ashish believes in Brand Power and Unique Product concepts in FMCG. Prior to his MBA, Ashish worked as Consultant with Bristlecone Consulting and inherits strong values of commitments and shared work environment of consulting practice. In his free time, Ashish loves to spend time with his family-friends and try out different recipes in kitchen.”


Kovil Nimje


“Kovil is Partner and an Adviser at Ricoira. Kovil brings a very rich consulting experience in supply chain management and business development for more than 10 years, helping customers across diverse industries drive value. Kovil is an instrumental in sharing his expertise for the overall growth of Ricoira. An eye for details, Kovil helps to understand key GAPs and solution to address same. A true globetrotter, Kovil is management graduate from Hamamatsu University, Japan. Kovil is an avid reader and likes to spend time with family and friends.”