Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

1. What is so different about Ricoira’s Fairies’ Floss than regular street side cotton candy ?
Confectionary is an art and when it comes to cotton candy we are masters of it. As you will unfold and treat yourself with Fairies’ Floss, you are going to discover amazing taste and new experience of cotton candy threads. With it’s fully imported core manufacturing machines, Ricoira stands apart from others through its product development, manufacturing process, material handling, packaging, which we believe is exceptional/unique about us.
2. How to store Fairies’ Floss ?
Many of our consumers can’t stop themselves having Fairies’ Floss instantly after purchasing. However, you can store Fairies’ Floss packed cups anywhere with normal weather conditions. We recommend cool, dry storage conditions away from direct sunlight. You can also refrigerate cotton candy for longer shelf life.
3. We have kids party at our home and how can we purchase Fairies’ Floss in bulk ?
24 Cups are packed in one case and you can purchase as many cases as you want from local retailer. If you find it difficult to search for nearest retailer or if the quantity is more than 5 cases please contact sales@ricoira.com.
4. How do you ensure quality, when we have seen so unhygienic conditions while making floss at the local vendor?
Ricoira is corporate institute which vows for quality products. To ensure quality throughout manufacturing process we have (strategic) partnerships with NABL certified Labs and ongoing quality consulting practice with industry veterans. We also have standard supplier selection methods. The manufacturing machines are procured from best vendors across globe.
5.We need more flavors and colors? Are there any plans for same?
Sure, we understand your query and Ricoira Labs is constantly working towards developing custom flavours which will satisfy your sweet tooth. Please contact@ricoira.com for further discussion.
6. We have Birthday Party/Kitty Party / Event at home ? Can you give us CUSTOMISED COTTON CANDY of our choice of color and flavour ?
Yes, cotton candy with particular color goes well with your theme parties. We can add choice of your message to your ordered cotton candy . Please write to us with your requirement and we shall get back to you. There are plenty of options available with customised label, message, flavours and colors. Minimum order quantity is 45 and above depending on flavour and color . Please write to us sales@ricoira.com with subject ‘ Customised Cotton Candy’. This can be delivered outside Pune as well, please contact us.
7. We have corporate events at our office ? Can we get CUSTOME MADE COTTON CANDY in bulk?
Yes, we can provide specially made cotton candy for you with your choice of LABEL. With the order of quantity we can give you good discount as well. Please contact to us sales@ricoira.com with subject ‘ Corporate Events ’ . This can be delivered outside Pune as well, please contact us.