Flavoured Sugar

Flavoured Sugar

Ricoira’s Multipurpose All In One Flavoured Sugar are perfect mix of sugar, flavour and color. The not too coarse , Not too fine sugar gives all bakers choice of flavouring recipes in all stages.

These Sugar can be used in bakery receipes, candy making and many more. It can be used in Coffee Bars, Dessert Toppings, Sugar Bulk Bars, Baking, Salads, Cocktails and Mocktails.

This sugar can be used for coating various products.
Every mocktail bar owner should have these essential along with him to give that extra flavour twist to his/her recipe.


Available in Multiple Colors and Flavours

Ziplock Resealable Heavy Pouches for Longer Best Before

Reseal and Reuse Pouches

Available in 150 grams and 500 grams sizes

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Pink Cotton Candy Flavour

Lemonade Flavour

Classic Caramel Flavour

Rich Butterscotch Flavour

Blueberry Flavour

Green Apple Flavour

And Others