Floss Sugar

Floss Sugar

fairies’floss flossugar is specially made Ready To Use Premix for Cotton Candy.

Our flossugar is signature perfect blend of sugar, flavour and color. Usually, you don’t get perfectly crafted cotton candy from street side vendors as they don’t know art of cotton candy. Yes our sugar will stand to all food standards at the same time will give you perfect flavour and color.

With no messy mixing or sugar buckets our flossugar is ready to use right from pouch by pouring directly into the spinner head, and easy to change flavours / colors each time you add sugar.
Add these variety of flavors to make your cotton candy live counter (concession ) stand out at premium space, malls , arenas, stadiums and more.


Specially Developed for Cotton Candy – Not too Coarse, Not to Fine

Makes Cotton Candy full of flavour and Colors

Better Thread Quality, Better Output

Will not clog your cotton Candy Machine, No Messy Cleaning Required

Available In Multiple Colors and Flavours

Also Suitable for large Scale Industrial Production


Ziplock Reselable Heavy Pouches for Longer Best Before

Reseal and Reuse Pouches

Comes with Standard Retails Packs 1 KG ( Makes around 60 medium servings), also available in 250 grams pouches

For Large Order of above 20KG per flavour , please contact Ricoira Labs (Contact Link)

For some special flavours we take only large orders , Kindly contact us for such requirement.


Pink Vanilla

Pink Luscious Litchi

Pink Strawberry

Pink Bubblegum

Pink Peppy Paan Masala

Yellow Tangy Lime

Yellow PineApple

Yellow Alphanso Mango

Green Khattta Meetha Aam

Green – Sassy Green Apple

Brown – Silke’ Chocolate

Brown – Rich Butterscotch

Brown – Caramel

Orange – Zesty Orange

Blue – Blueberry

Pink – Raspeberry

Pink- Cranberry

Dark Brown – Kalakhatta