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Ricoira Labs

Ricoira Labs is testimony to our commitment, to continually (use continuously or persistently) improve our products and portfolio. With Ricoira Labs, we repeatedly strive to improve our manufacturing process and take it ahead towards world class quality. Our main focus is on quality food products, ingredients, manufacturing process and packaging. As Ricoira Labs, we strive to develop and serve a variety of food and confectionary products that will (future tense) serve taste buds across all age groups. At Ricoira, we are committed to invest more resources and energy only to deliver the promises made as Ricoira Labs.

Traditional cotton candy is very popular among the young generation and also among adults. We, at Ricoira Labs have innovated one of the finest threads in cotton candy that is silky smooth and is approximately a 50 micrometre thread. Besides, we are the only manufacturers in West and Central India that provide ‘Best before 4 months’.



We aim for profession


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We wish to inspire everyone with our ideas


We ensure safety for our employees as well as customers

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